Kounsarnag Trek

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Kounsernag Lake is the second largest alpine lake of Kashmir lies in a Pir Panjal ranges of Himalayas. The colour of its waters is soft green to the eyes and the waters flow out of the lake through a hole in the ridge that holds its waters inside. The waters eventually make their way towards River Vaishau which is an added attraction to this trek.


Day 1:- We make a journey of two hours from Srinagar to Aharbal and gaze at the most voluminous waterfall of Kashmir. The trek starts from here and in three hours we are at Kongwattan which is a shepherd’s paradise, a large meadow that shimmers in green grass, houses log huts and forests. The camp is established here for the night.


Day 2:- We pack up and start early towards Kounsernag lake and in five hours we are in front of the most beautiful triangular alpine lake of Pir Panjal.  A stay of one night here makes us recall the sublime bliss of childhood  sleep in the lap of nature. It is a photographer’s canvas all around the lake.


Day 3:- We pack up and tread at ease towards the base camp location Kongwattan. One more night here with shepherd’s following the law of nature and Vaishau river roaring on its way to Aharbal makes us feel sublime.


Day 4:- We pack up and return to Aharbal in two hours spending lunch time in front of the waterfall. The same day we drive back to the city.