Great Lakes Kashmir

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The entire trek is 65 kms, the mesmerizingbeauty all around just engulfs you . Considered as one of the best treks of theworld.Great Lakes Trek mesmerises us with five largehigh altitude lakes (Nandansar / Gangbal / Gadsar / Vishensar / Kishensar)andnine small lakes. etc. (Satsar 7 Lakes and two small Lakes at Gadsar Valley).

 Day 1:- We pick you up post arrival in  Srinagar, later drive to Naranag 2 Hoursdrive to Base Camp, sightseeing (Ancient Temples of Shivism ) and night stay .An acclimatization walk of three kilometres upto Dhumail Valley, which hasmany beauties to offer like twin streams flowing from an oppositedirection and forms the Wangat river, deep pine forests and hundreds of birdspecies.

Day 2:- Naranag to Trunkhol Meadow ( 08 km ) :-We start in the morning through Pine forests of Buthshree  A three hoursascend) and then traverse through Midone top to enter the famous Meadow calledTrunkhol and will stay for a night. From the camp we will get a best northernview of Mount Harmukh.

Day 3 :- Trunkhol Meadow  toGangbal Valley ( 05 km ) :- After breakfast we trek on mild gradient toreach the first Alpine Lake of trek Nandansar Lake, which lies on the footof Mount Harmukh. The glacial water drains from Gangbal Lake and Northernglaciers of Mount Harmukh then enters in Nandansar Lake. A half hour more hikethrough meadow lead us to Gangbal Valley. We establish a night camp at pristineshore of Kashmir's largest Alpine Lake which is also the main source toWangat Stream and a tributary to River Sind.

Day 4:- Gangbal Valley to Satsar Valley ( 09 km):- After breakfast we start ascend to Zajibbal Pass,that will take three to four hours to reach its summit. ZajbalPaas bisectsGangbal valley and Satsar valley and the paas is the highest point of entiretrek , then a mild descend of two hours will take us to Satsar Valley. TheValley has seven small alpine lakes thus lending it the name Satsar. Wecamp here for the night.

Day 5 :- Satsar Valley to Gadsar Valley ( 12 km):- Fascinating trek though lush green meadows beautified by alpineflowers .This location is famous for long undulating meadows and sinking watersand a large Alpine Lake (Gadsar Lake). The camp site is besides Gadsar Lake.